Treatments For All Ages

Early Treatment

Most people ask what age should my child see the Orthodontist? Children should have an initial orthodontic consult around age 7.

Even though we recommend seeing children early it doesn’t always mean that early treatment is needed. More then often it gives us the chance to monitor your child’s growth and dental development and we can help prevent future problems.

Early treatment can be beneficial for severe crossbite (a condition where upper teeth close inside lower teeth).

Severe crowding may also require early treatment. This can be due to the jaws being too small to accommodate the adult teeth. Sometimes appliances or extractions can help make things easier for adult teeth.

Protruding teeth or severe underbite may also require early treatment with the use of headgear or orthodontic appliances.


Bad Habits

Some children may have developed some bad habits that can affect their dental health such as thumb/finger sucking, tongue thrusting and mouth breathing.

These habits can be very difficult to break, but with the use of orthodontic appliances these habits can most often be corrected.


Keep in mind that even if braces are required in the future the treatment time and length with likely be shorter and less complicated.

Adolescent Treatment

Adolescents is the optimal time for orthodontic treatment. Generally, between 11-13 all baby teeth are lost and adult teeth have come in. This is when we can correct the problems that cause bad bite, crowding and poor alignment.

We have different options to correct these problems and are here to help you choose what modality is best for you.

Adult Orthodontics

Its never to late to straighten your smile!

Many adults decide to straighten their smiles as they recognize that a straighter smile is easier to keep healthy and clean and also helps boost our confidence.

Adult Orthodontics can be done with metal, ceramic, or clear aligners

In some adults, orthognathic surgery maybe necessary to correct malocclusion (bad bite) as adults our bones have stopped growing unlike adolescents.

Gum recession and or bone loss is more likely in some therefor you may require a periodontal consult prior to starting treatment.

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